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Raptor ID App Issues with Android Devices

28 September 2018 Published in HWI News
As of 09/01/2018, HawkWatch International's Raptor ID App is now free for Apple and Android devices. The app is working with no problems on Apple devices (the app is coded in native Apple). At this…

Travel Nevada story on Goshute Mountains HawkWatch

20 April 2018 Published in HWI News
Thanks to Sydney Martinez of Travel Utah for visiting the Goshute Mountains HawkWatch site last fall (2017), and sharing this great story on the Travel Nevada website (click the image below to read). And for…

Mountain Outlaw Magazine story

14 June 2017 Published in HWI News
Max Lowe, Forest Woodard, and Charles Post took a road trip last fall (2016) to follow the raptor migration and document HawkWatch International's migration research.  Here's a great photographic story by the group features in…