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"The HawkWatch weekend was an absolutely magical experience for me. I will never forget it.  The HawkWatch staff was great and of course the up close and personal encounters with the raptors were amazing."   -Frontline Science participant, Lynn Bohs

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If you've ever dreamed of working as a field biologist, this is your chance!  Be a part of our new Frontline Science program and learn about HawkWatch's migration work as you support this important annual project.  Spend a weekend working along side with our field biologists and get a glimpse of what it's like to live on top of a mountain for three months monitoring raptors.

Observation, Trapping & Banding

Help our observers collect bird and weather data while picking up key insights on in-flight raptor identification.  You will learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to identifying and counting birds of prey as they begin their trek south for the winter, and get an inside look at our banding operations as you help trap, band, measure, and release the birds alongside the crew.  Be prepared to get your hands dirty!

Schedule & Sites

There are several opportunities to take advantage of this program during the fall migration season.  You may choose either our Goshute Mountains or Manzano Mountains Migration Research Site.  Each extended weekend session kicks off at 6 pm on Friday at the migration site and ends the following Monday morning (flexible early departure if needed).

Fall 2014 available dates include:

  • September 5-7
  • September 12-14
  • September 19-21
  • September 26-28
  • October 3-5
  • October 10-12

To Reserve Your Spot

Space is limited, so email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call her at (801) 484-6808 x107 for questions, fees, and to reserve your spot for this once in a lifetime experience.  Food, water, and materials are included.

Listen to what last year's participants had to say

"I'm so glad you decided to run this program, and thank you for letting us help so much. I would say it was once in a lifetime, but I have a feeling you will see me again at some point." -Alice de Anguera

"I can't say enough how much we enjoyed our weekend. The whole crew was terrific with our care and feeding." -TJ and Lin Lenahan

"I had the most fantastic time this weekend at the Hawkwatch site.  The crew and volunteers are so knowledgeable and accommodating - they all made the experience both exceedingly informative and totally enjoyable.  Thank you so much for making this part of what you all do." -Don Partridge

"Thanks for a super weekend.  I've wanted to do this for over 30 years and to finally get the chance was fantastic.  Couple that with the opportunity to do it with your 17 year old daughter makes it an unforgettable experience. We both learned a huge amount and we're totally behind what you guys are doing." -Paul and Remy Smith

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