Community Education

HawkWatch International is committed to raptor education and offers many community programs free of charge to the public. View our full calendar to browse upcoming events.

bonney butte - 2004 - by thom benedict 014 falcon
Raptor Education Programs
We partner with organizations throughout the community to host our educational programs, free to the public.
  • 7 Easy Raptors                                                     
An identification program focusing on 7 common raptors in Utah and the local region. Discussion items include how to spot raptors from all angles, spatial distribution and population trends, and why raptors choose certain areas for nesting, wintering, and migration routes.
  • Hawk Talks
This is a continuation of 7 Easy Raptors, which is a 6 week long program that dives deeper into identification of each raptor specie, focusing on physiology, morphology, spatial distribution, geographic range, their lifecycle, etc.
  • Parade of Raptors                                                                   
A volunteer driven program, Parade of Raptors allows audiences to see the diversity of raptors. Within 45 minutes, trained volunteer Bird Docents will introduce the audience to three of HWI’s education birds, telling stories about their history, how they came to be in captivity, and how we can help them in the wild through our own thoughtful conservation actions.
  • Raptor Rapture
A fun and family oriented program that discusses the history of HawkWatch International and general information on raptors. A live bird will be present with our education staff.
  • Community Events
HWI participates in a number of community events each year, such as the Great Salt Lake Bird Festival, Jordanelle Bird Festival, and the Hawk Migration Festival. Education staff and volunteers will take live birds to public events and booths to talk about HWI and raptors.
  • Tailored Programs
HWI works with various groups to tailor programs specific to their needs. Summer camps, scout troops, libraries, nursing homes, youth shelters, and museums are a few examples of groups that have used HWI education programs.
“Edu-tainment” Paid Programs
Our education programs are available for corporate and special events, groups, and birthdays. All programs will feature a presentation with one of our education birds (meet our raptors). We are happy to tailor a program to the specefic interestes or needs of your group (summer camps, scout troops, libraries, nursing homes, youth shelters, etc). To set up a live bird program, please contact our Education Department at (801) 484-6808 ext 107, or send us an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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