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Golden_EagleHawkWatch International now offers professional services to agencies, industry, and the general public seeking outstanding raptor and avian expertise.  In an increasingly complex world, we, as a science-based, non-advocacy organization, recognize the need for responsible and well-planned development.   Our organization possesses the tools and resources to address a wide range of raptor-related project needs.  All profits garnered through our professional services are used to support our core mission of conserving raptors and our shared environment.

HWI’s four science and conservation staff all have advanced degrees (2 Ph.D's, 1 M.S, and 1 M.E.M) and boast over 50 collective years of raptor and general avian biology and ecology experience. We also have access to a large pool of skilled field technicians trained in raptor identification and observation.

Informative Documents:

Professional Service Overview 

Eagles and Wind Power 

Telemetry Services 

BLM Technical Reports:

Raptor Nesting Near Oil and Gas Development: An Overview of Key Findings and Implications for Management Based on Four Reports by Hawk Watch International 

Accipiter Use of Pinyon-Juniper Habitats for Nesting in Northwestern Colorado 

An Assessment of the Effects of Oil and Gas Field Activities on Nesting Raptors in the Rawlins, Wyoming and Price, Utah Field Offices of the Bureau of Land Management 

Recommendations for Improved Raptor Nest Monitoring in Association with Oil and Gas Development Activities 

Sample Database  Forms:

Nesting Database Forms and Instructions

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Dr. Steve Slater, Conservation Science Director
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