Veracruz River of Raptors


The state of Veracruz has registered approximately 680 species of birds, including 30 endemics, consisting of 73 families. This represents almost 69% of all the birds found in Mexico. Veracruz is also quickly gaining fame as the site of the world's most concentrated migratory raptor flyway, the Veracruz River of Raptors (VRR). Each fall, 4-6 million raptors migrate through Veracruz on their way to winter ranges in Central and South America. Because of the region's geography, raptors from eastern, central, and western North America converge, providing visitors with a display unequaled anywhere on the planet. As many as 2 million Broad-winged Hawks, 1 million Swainson's Hawks, and 200,000 Mississippi Kites--nearly the entire world population for these three species--pass through Veracruz each fall. In addition, more than 1.5 million Turkey Vultures join the flight, as do thousands of other raptors, waterbirds, and songbirds. Combine this with the hundreds of resident bird species in the state of Veracruz, and the scores of Olmec, Totonac, and Aztec archeological sites, all set in the friendly, unspoiled culture of east central Mexico, and you have the adventure of a lifetime.

Each year HWI offers an ecotour to Veracruz for a magnificent view of a river of raptors. Please consider joining HWI for the 2009 ecotour to Veracruz from October 11-19, with an optional 3-day extension. You can read accounts of previous trips, see bird species lists from previous ventures, read the itinerary, and register by following the 2009 Ecotour Information Link (will be posted when more information is available).

The Veracruz River of Raptors Project is a partnership between Pronatura Veracruz , HawkWatch International, and Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association.



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